7 snowflakes in New York

Wanna ‘get cooler’?

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Anonymous asked: and then i whispered softly in your ear "noodles"




Victoria Will.


1. Mark Ruffalo

2. Elijah Wood

3. Anne Hathaway

4. William H. Macy

5. Maggie Gyllenhaal

6. Sam Shepard

7. Marisa Tomei

8. Glenn Close

9. Diane Kruger



I love this

For once, I need some humor and happy juju

Whenever I see someone post something on fb, or instagram, or on here, that is sad or heart breaking. I HAVE to cheer them up.
Yesterday, was the beginning of a stressful weekend for me. I left my doctors for the first time in my life EVER with worried thoughts for myself. Not my husband. Not my daughters. Not a close family member or dear friends.
I hate fear. I hate the not knowing. I can’t post what yet, because I don’t know what to post.
I have always been the cheerleader on the sidelines of others to let them know I am there, and never give up. I constantly quote SpongeBob and Disney lines. I even on a good day throw in some Dr . Seuss.

I go into the hospital Monday morning for the first of I am assuming countless tests.  This first test determines my future. Am I scared? Not yet. I am pretty calm and quiet, which is actually scaring my family. Will I be come Monday morning? FUCK YA! Who wouldn’t be? I have never had this test before, and those I know who have had it done, have had serious results.

I know majority of the people who do pay attention to when I write are thinking WTF? I know. This is the only social site that I am on, where I unleash my guts and know it will not be gossip by noon. For those of you who do follow and care, I will let you know.
I would say just keep swimming, but hell. I’m terrified of dark water. So, I will leave with a quote from Monty Python.
‘Tis but a scratch!’


"Touch has a memory."  ~ John Keats(Whoo hoo, I finally squeezed out some time to draw again! It felt amazing. I miss these two when I don’t draw them!)


"Touch has a memory."  ~ John Keats

(Whoo hoo, I finally squeezed out some time to draw again! It felt amazing. I miss these two when I don’t draw them!)

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I see reasons to fly away
in space for days and days and days
ill find another planet to stay

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