7 snowflakes in New York

Not sure what to write.

Somewhere on here the other day I saw a post saying
‘posting on Tumblr is like talking to a dog. You know no one is listening, but you do it anyways. ‘
Well, I have used Tumblr to vent where I keep this’ life’ separate from the other social monsters.
Last week, in my sleepy podunk town. A young man sadly took his life. Some may know why, and out of respect will keep it that way. No one may know. From what I did know, he was an amazing human that did not deserve to leave us. 3 years ago, was hard for my family. It was the beginning of our own hell. Cancer, death, and the dark ugly world of depression hit. ALL AT FUCKING ONCE!
It was a long road to recovery, and still is. But the one thing that I want to add to this blog and maybe someday it will get to that young man’s family is this.
While others ridiculed and mocked my daughter when she was at her lowest, this boy who became a friend to her when she needed one, was there. They never became best friends, or lovers. He just knew somehow, when shit got bad for her he was there to pick her up and tell her it was OK and to move on. He made her smile when no one else could by just being himself. He silently gave her what he himself was lacking.

I so baldy want to hug this beautiful woman that created such an amazing man and thank her. I can’t though. For some reason, I feel guilty. How come my baby was able to be saved, yet she lost hers ? IT IS NOT FAIR !
My daughter was devastated at the news of his passing. I know the what ifs and why’s, are flooding her. I can’t fix this. I may never be able to. How can I fix my once broken child, and make sure she grows from this with strength, and not shatter into a million pieces?

So Tumblr, do me a favor. Just be kind. It is true what they say about the funny people. They are the ones who are hurting the most inside.
Stay real peeps. Xxoo


Trying to sleep in summer with the covers on


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driving past your old elementary school likeimage

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Y’all  been edumacated!

Y’all been edumacated!

I don’t think I actually ever posted a selfie. 
So this tumblr folks is what my old ass looks like.

I don’t think I actually ever posted a selfie.
So this tumblr folks is what my old ass looks like.

Wanna ‘get cooler’?

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